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What is Infor EAM

Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) turns your company's asset management into a competitive advantage. By providing complete visibility over your asset performance and maintenance, this powerful yet affordable solution gives you the ability to vastly improve your capital asset management.  For businesses readily seeking to optimise their assets in order to maximise performance across the board, Infor EAM provides increased reliability, enhanced predictive maintenance and warranty management, all while guaranteeing regulatory compliance and securing those all-important gains on the bottom line.

Control your Assets

With asset hierarchy management built in, Infor EAM enables you to easily keep track of where assets are located and what they cost. The business-wide visibility afforded by the solution offers in-depth, real time data to underpin effective decision-making, ensuring optimum use of all business assets.

Optimise your Maintenance

Infor EAM enables you to accurately anticipate asset reliability and regulatory risks, prolonging the life of your assets, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. The system also provides automatic notifications of an asset problem when given parameters are exceeded, streamlining the maintenance process for even more efficiency savings. Plus, , you can schedule preventative maintenance based on system data, as well as predicting potential equipment reliability problems, allowing you to plan alternatives and assign resources where they’ll do the most good.

Support for Standards

SWith Infor EAM, you can be sure you have the right processes and procedures in place, as well as the data needed to comply with various industry and health and safety standards. Not only does this ensure best practice but also guarantees the financial and operational gains that result from an optimised asset management programme.

Management Visibility

Infor EAM’s purchasing management functionality ensures you order the correct parts and stay on top of delivery times, payments and receipt of goods. This goes hand-in-hand with advanced materials management, affording more control over storeroom inventories, reducing inventory and purchasing costs. Plus, the solution’s work management capabilities enable you to proactively manage all asset work requests, labour, planning and scheduling.

For your Industry

Available in specialised editions which are preconfigured to suit the distinct needs of a wide range of industries, Infor EAM is the ideal solution for businesses whose success is dependent on their equipment. Widely used in the mining and energy industries, where any downtime can be both costly and extremely risky, Infor EAM is also popular amongst manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality and public sector organisations, enabling businesses to better manage equipment, facilities and other resources for optimum efficiency.



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