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What is SAP Business One?

A powerful, flexible yet affordable way to manage your business, SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that gives you the ability to streamline processes across the board and facilitate a deeper insight into your business. This one solution integrates business critical functions, from accounting, finance, inventory and sales, through to customer relationship management (CRM), project management, operations and human resources (HR). SAP Business One enables you to make better, faster decisions, using comprehensive, real-time data to improve business agility and ultimately increase profitability.

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Features and Functionality

SAP Business One is a powerful, integrated ERP solution. Learn how the features of the solution can empower your business and drive new growth.
Production Control/Management

Production Control/Management

Designed to support the specific challenges facing production environments, SAP Business One manages the entire end to end manufacturing process to ensure the right product is produced at the right cost, in the right way, at the right time to deliver the best service at the lowest cost.

Fully integrated to allow complete visibility of production, SAP Business One ensures the smooth running of the shop floor, driving efficiencies and boosting performance through monitoring and synchronising all production processes.

From order entry through to BoM, assembly, production and fulfilment, SAP Business One tracks and consolidates key data in real-time to facilitate a proactive approach to manufacturing.

Advanced MRP capabilities within SAP Business One allow any number of specific planning scenarios to be defined according to items or item groups in order to produce highly detailed reports recommending the optimum next steps. This functionality means you can forecast accurately and predict demand.

The software has the ability to automatically create process orientated bills of materials (BoM) to feed into the production line, removing potential bottlenecks and ensuring seamless operations. This integrated, live view of manufacturing means shorter lead times, reduced errors and more targeted capital expenditure.

Ultimately SAP Business One drives an enhanced customer experience as smarter decisions can be made in real time, schedules can be adjusted where required and customers can receive updates on order status at any time. And through access to a deeper level of insight, manufacturers can exercise greater agility to respond to market or customer changes, or adjustments to demand, driving all important profitability and a competitive edge.

Project Lifecycle

Project Lifecycle

Keeping track of costs, resources and timescales is crucial in ensuring projects are delivered against expectations, and to budget.  Poor project management can quickly see costs escalate, pressure intensify and timescales slip.  The Project Management Tool for SAP Business One enables tight control over all aspects of a project, tracking all relevant items including transactions, documents, receipts, timesheets and activities to ensure project leaders have everything at their fingertips to ensure success.  

With all financial and management information in one place, in easy to access dashboards, adjustments can be made at any point to accommodate changes to circumstances, from customer amendments to changes in the project team personnel.  Costs are tracked continuously to keep everything on track and avoid surprises further down the line, when it is often too late to take remedial action.

The degree of visibility means that status updates can be viewed at the click of a mouse, from any location. The system automatically generates reports on all aspects of the project, encompassing task progress, time recording and resource allocation, logging all data and amendments in real-time.  This in turn allows trends to be factored into future projects to aid planning and refine processes.

The detailed and comprehensive insight from which to inform decision making ensures that projects are managed meticulously from start to finish, exceeding customer expectations and protecting the bottom line. 



Ensuring the best customer experience is intrinsic to profitability, and with SAP Business One’s CRM capabilities, organisations can have confidence that they are fully connected to stakeholders across the entire supply chain.

SAP Business One tracks all sales opportunities from the initial enquiry stage through to customer fulfilment to allow proactive management of the relationship, opportunities to address queries or make adjustments to an order and upsell where appropriate.  Managing all stakeholders from prospects, customers, partners and suppliers, the functionality expedites lead conversion through ensuring the right skills and resources are allocated.  And through providing a comprehensive view of customer status at any point, you can build strong connections to optimise the customer experience which in turn boosts satisfaction and leads to improved reputation and revenue.

Supporting the entire customer lifecycle, the capabilities within SAP Business One also extend to aftermarket service, offering warranty management, SLA tracking and monitoring of service calls and query resolution.

Crucially, the intuitive nature of the system means that it is easy to use, and can be accessed at any point to obtain a live status of a particular transaction.  Pre-defined reporting templates can be tailored to any role in the business, not just sales, allowing detailed reports to be shared quickly and easily, expanding the opportunities across the enterprise.

The end game is better, more informed decisions which put you in control of your customer experience and offer the potential to invest resources into those relationships which are most profitable. 



The lifeblood of any business, sales must be fully integrated into every business function to communicate fully and ensure expectations are met at every step of the way.

From enquiries to quotation creation, invoicing, documents drafts and presentations, SAP Business One tackles complexity in the sales cycle to improve efficiency and accuracy.  Full automation and the ability to link all relevant information to relevant records allows compete visibility and in doing so, empowers sales performance and keeps associated costs low.  The system really comes into its own when it comes to scale, and is hugely powerful in being able to handle multiple documents simultaneously, from high volumes of invoices, credit notes and sales documents, as well as dispatch notes from warehouse operations and returns.

Reporting via intuitive dashboards which present precisely the information you need at a given time, means communication is optimised, and the ability to drill down into detailed analysis for sales reports and profit analysis puts you in a strong position to respond to requests from the business or present regular updates of where sales activity currently sits against targets.

Advanced order functionality means orders can be uploaded quickly and easily, reservations can be logged instantly and warehouse operations are alerted immediately to ensure prompt action and order fulfilment.  In parallel, stock levels can be viewed across all warehouses to empower sales personnel and instil confidence that promises can be honoured.  As well as expediting the process, accuracy is much improved to instil trust and loyalty.

Full integration with financials means that outstanding invoice payments can be pursued to aid cash flow and ensure accounts are settled promptly.  This degree of efficiency in the sales lifecycle frees up sales resources to focus on customer retention rather than administration, which is hugely valuable in maintaining competitive advantage in highly saturated markets.   



Procurement can be a minefield if managed ineffectively.  SAP Business One’s Purchase Management capabilities ensure efficient management of all suppliers and represent huge potential for large scale efficiencies and cost savings. 

Spanning the entire process from the creation of purchase orders through to payment of invoices, the advanced functionality in SAP Business One ensures that all master data is maintained in one place to allow complete visibility of the full end-to-end process.

In-depth functionality and analytics, as well as multi-currency capabilities, manage the complexity inherent in purchasing, from variability in supplier activity, to capitalising on economies of scale.  Through amalgamating all key processes such as purchase orders and vendor payments with master data in a central database, a full picture can be viewed at any stage to ensure value and performance.  Documents can be linked to associated records to ensure rigour across the process and support returns and expense management.      

This level of automation and visibility results in vast potential for cost savings and efficiencies, while full integration with other business functions such as warehousing and financials, drives consistency across the business.  Real-time synchronisation of goods receipts and inventory improves both speed and accuracy, and credit management and cash flow is much improved, boosting the bottom line.    

Through real-time access to real-time, easy to access insights on all aspects of the procurement process, SAP Business One Purchase Management drives consistency, cost savings and more effective decisions.  

Service Management

Service Management

Customer satisfaction extends way beyond the final invoice payment. Aftersales service plays an essential role in ensuring queries are resolved fully, warranties, terms and conditions, and service level agreements are adhered to, and product updates are communicated effectively. 

Through delivering a superior customer experience, relationships are consolidated and reputation is enhanced.  Furthermore opportunities to cross sell and upsell are greater, offering an opportunity to boost profitability.  

SAP Business One Service Management ensures comprehensive, up to date records of every customer interaction and transaction, allowing the sales, service and contract management teams to respond to calls and enquiries quickly and with all of the necessary information at their fingertips.  This degree of visibility means that customers are not passed from department to department in the quest for an answer, but can receive everything they need from a single interaction.  In turn this reduces administration and resources, boosting efficiencies and productivity.    

Full integration across departments to a central database, and instant updating of records, facilitates a seamless process, fast resolution times and satisfied customers. 

Access to the right information at the right point of interaction is intrinsic in delivering the quality of service that is likely to see customers return and remain loyal.  Reputation lives or dies by the quality of aftersales service and through using SAP Business One, you can have complete confidence that you have the tools at your fingertips to offer the kind of world class service customers expect, and beyond.  

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Recognising the importance of having flexibility, robustness and accessibility, SAP Business One delivers tailored, detailed, role-specific, user friendly reports which are available in a multitude of formats.   

The superior levels of insight afforded by the reporting capabilities allow business users clarity and the right information from which to boost accurate and informed decision-making.  Tracking KPIs and adding updates on the extent to which these are being met, the reports generated by SAP Business One can be created at the click of a mouse, and are able to drill down into activity from across the business, with pre-set levels of detail available.

Flexibility comes as standard, offering reporting in a number of formats, including Q&A XL, an intuitive add-on for Microsoft Excel which allows data to be exported easily and quickly, which can be customised into different formats according to preference or requirements.  At the same time, SAP Crystal Reports combined with SAP Business One represents a powerful force, delivering both speed and in-depth insights.

From financials and production to CRM and aftersales service, detailed status can be viewed instantly, avoiding the need to manually integrate disparate reports from different departments.  This in turn reduces errors and boosts productivity, freeing up resources to focus on more value-add activities, as well as reducing your IT footprint through the removal of extensive configurations.    

Advanced scenario modelling within the reports mean that whatever your role within the business, you can access fully contextualised, real-time data on any area, which empowers you to perform your role more effectively and productively, and ensures optimum decision-making to capitalise on growth and drive performance. 

Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Even in the most well run organisations, inventory costs are often inaccurate, underestimated and incomplete.  SAP Business One Stock Control allows complete visibility and control over your stock to ensure costs are minimised and the customer experience is maximised through boosting the proportion of on time in full deliveries.  

Through closely tracking all warehouse activity and stock movement, SAP Business One Stock Control facilitates unprecedented levels of transparency, automatically recording details of goods receipts, tracking stock transfers, logging inbound and outbound shipments and following movement across different warehouses. 

This allows the business precision levels of control and visibility which are tightly integrated with material requirements planning to ensure seamless production.  When an order is placed, tailored functionality allows multi-level Bills of Materials (BoM) to ensure schedules are met and replenishment is automatically undertaken.    

Quarterly or annual stock takes can become a thing of the past, as SAP Business One Stock Control means stock counts are completes on a perpetual basis, so your stock position can be viewed and recorded at any given time.   

The potential for cost reductions is vast as the system contains functionality to handle huge amounts of complexity.  As well as maintaining master data, it also supports different units of measure and pricing, including landed costs, to deliver a highly detailed picture of inventory costs at any time.    

Tailored reporting, including dynamic dashboards, ensure that the stock position can be accessed from any device in any location by any member of authorised personnel, keeping bottlenecks at bay and ensuring that stock shortages are avoided.  

This ability to ensure stock availability and optimise the percentage of on time in full deliveries, in the most efficient way, not only stands to slash inventory costs but also delivers a positive customer experience and enhances reputation.



Robust financials are key to efficient business operations, and with SAP Business One Financial and Accounting, you can have complete confidence that you are fully in control of all aspects of financial management and planning.

Fully integrated with other key business functions, SAP Business One’s comprehensive financials span all of the capabilities you’d expect from a world-class accounting system including general ledger, journal entries, accounting, budget management and reporting.  Crucially, it comes with multi-currency functionality, which is essential for any company with operations, partners, suppliers or customers overseas.

Through reducing manual processes, substantial improvements in productivity can be achieved, eliminating duplication and the re-keying of data.  This in turn improves accuracy and reduces risk, as well as freeing up valuable resources to focus on strategy rather than data entry.

This robust and unified view of financial management not only delivers improved productivity and confidence as well as regulatory compliance, but allows executives to plan fully and proactively, rather than retrospectively.

Performance can be tracked against budgets, and the availability of reports in both standard and customisable format means that figures can be presented according to department or reporting windows.  As well as driving more informed planning, detailed reports and alerts also allow cash flow to be managed more tightly and anomalies to be flagged and rectified. 

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