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What is SAP Business One?

A powerful, flexible yet affordable way to manage your business, SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that gives you the ability to streamline processes across the board and facilitate a deeper insight into your business. This one solution integrates business critical functions, from accounting, finance, inventory and sales, through to customer relationship management (CRM), project management, operations and human resources (HR). SAP Business One enables you to make better, faster decisions, using comprehensive, real-time data to improve business agility and ultimately increase profitability.

Key SAP Business One Statistics

Over 59,000

Over 950,000

Installed in 170 countries

Available in 27 languages

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Financial Control

With a complete suite of tools to manage, streamline and automate financial operations, SAP Business One enables you to take full control of your accounting processes. Plus, by integrating your financial processes with other business functions, cash flow visibility is greatly improved.

Satisfied Customers

SAP Business One provides the ability to fully manage the entire sales process and customer journey, from first contact through to ongoing service and support, enabling you to better understand and fulfil your customers’ distinct needs.

Optimised Procurement

By providing an end-to-end systematic approach to the procurement process, SAP Business One manages the entire order-to-pay cycle, with comprehensive reporting tools giving you the ability to readily identify cost saving opportunities.

Effective Inventory

SAP Business One provides real time, in-depth inventory information, with the ability to assess inbound and outbound shipments, as well as item location. Providing the necessary levels of transparency and control, SAP Business One can take your inventory management to the next level.

Business Intelligence

By providing powerful analytics and reporting tools, SAP Business One enables you to gather data from multiple sources to generate insightful, real time and accurate reports for unsurpassed levels of business clarity.

Improved Decision-Making

By pulling together all business-critical information and making it available on a company-wide basis, SAP Business One eliminates the disparate systems and spreadsheets of the past, instilling greater confidence in the data on which key decisions are based. For increased speed, the SAP HANA version of the software provides powerful analytics in real time, making it easier than ever before to get the right information, at the right time, in the right format.

Your Solution, Your Way

SAP Business One is purposefully designed to help your business run simple. For ultimate flexibility, you can deploy SAP Business One either in the cloud or on premise so your solution grows alongside your company, and allows you to take advantage or a wide range of SAP Business One mobile apps to let you stay in control anytime, anywhere.

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